5 Militants Killed, As Al-Shabaab Attacks AU Base In Somalia














Five Al-Shabaab militants have been killed following an attack by the group on an African Union military base in Somalia on Thursday.AU officials said attacked

Somalia’s largest base for African Union Troops base in Mogadishu.According to AMISON spokesman Ali Aden Houmed, three soldiers and one civilian were injured during the attack, while five of the militant were killed.

Reports say two of the terrorists detonated themselves inside the Halane base, while the other three were shot dead by AU troops during the raid.

A spokesman for Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Musab confirmed the attack on Radio Andalus, a pro-Al-Shabaab broadcaster.

“Our Mujahedeen forces detonated a car bomb at the entrance of the Halane compound … then managed to enter the facility, A firefight then broke out with troops, he said.

The terror group, linked with al Qaeda has been waging war in Somalia in an effort to implement a stricter form of Islamic law, known as sharia.

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