Gambia Coup: Yahya Jammeh Returns Home After Failed Attempt To Overthrow Him










Gambia President, Yahya Jammeh is on his way home just hours after his security forces thwarted an attempted coup.

Confirming the attack, Jammeh said that an ex-army commander Lamin Sanneh tried to take control of power while he was away in France.

He said the attackers were quickly repelled, with security forces killing four of them and capturing four more.

Reports from Banjul on Tuesday claimed that residents woke up to armed attack near the Presidential palace.

An unnamed military officer, who reportedly spoke with the French News Agency said three suspects were killed in the violence, including the alleged ringleader, whom the officer described as an army deserter.

Diplomatic and military sources said soldiers from the presidential guard appeared to have mounted the attack on the presidential palace in Banjul in the early hours of Tuesday.

The president assured the citizens that he remains in power after the failed attempted coup.

“Rest assured that the Enemies of the People have been defeated,” the president said in a statement.

Mr Jammeh seized power in a coup in 1994 and his critics have continually condemned his style of leadership.

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