Ladoja/Akala Regime Was The Darkest Chapter In Oyo History – APC





THE combined eight-year rule of former Oyo State governors, Senator Rashidi Ladoja and Chief Alao Akala has been described as the darkest chapter in the history of the state.

Senator Ladoja and Chief Akala are currently staging a return to the highest office in Oyo under the flagship of the Accord Party –AP, and the Labour Party –LP, respectively in next month’s governorship election.

The state’s ruling All Progressives Congress –APC, has however, pointed out that the duo were not worthy of the people’s trust following their antecedents.

APC said in a statement issued in Ibadan on Monday, that both former governors have failed the people in the past and should not have considered another opportunity.

Part of the statement read: ‘’Indeed, years 2003-2011 could be aptly described as years of locust during which the people of the state had the worst experience of political violence, abuse of power and official corruption in a civilian rule setting.’’

The statement issued by the state’s APC Director of Publicity and Strategy, Olawale Sadare, also noted the party regretted the combined term of the duo, while stressing that the people of Oyo state would never forget the atrocities committed at those periods.

“The citizenry would never forget in a hurry how Sen. Ladoja engaged his erstwhile political godfather in a needless supremacy battle which cost them their cherished peace, economic resources and the precious lives of their beloved ones. Ibadan became a theatre of war because a governor dared to renege on a pact designed to favour his personal interest and that of the then dreaded Garrison Commander,’’ the statement said.

“On the other hand, Ladoja’s successor Alao-Akala, who got to power by default and could not convince anyone of having an understanding of what governance was all about, embarked on spending spree. He was popular for his recklessness, impunity and corrupt practices. In all of this, the masses became worse for it and the developmental drive of the state entered the reverse gear.

The ruling party also accused Ladoja and Akala of not having clear-cut manifestos.




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