Military Fighter Jets Bombed Town Controlled By Boko Haram




NIGERIAN military fighter jets have bombed the northeast town of Malam Fatori, controlled by Boko Haram Islamists, officials have said.

Reports say troops and air force planes from neighbouring Chad were involved in the operation on Nigerian soil.

Defence spokesman Chris Olukolade told AFP that Multinational Joint Task Force –MNJTF, of which Chad was part, was handling the operation.

“The Nigerian airforce has also been conducting air mission there for two days now. It is all part of the ongoing efforts against terrorism,” Olukolade said.

The MNJTF was set up more than a decade ago to combat smuggling in the remote region but as the Islamist insurgency in the area intensified, the mandate of the force changed.

Residents in the town of Bosso, which lies next to Malam Fatori but across the border in Niger, said the bombardment began early on Wednesday and lasted for several hours.

There was no initial word on casualties or whether Boko Haram fighters had fled the area.


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