Uganda Discovers Rebel Leader, Okot Odhiambo's Grave

Joseph Kony




A grave suspected to be that of a rebel commander wanted by the International Criminal Court –ICC, has been found in Uganda.

The grave was discovered by a deserter from the Lord’s Resistance Army LRA, rebel group, who later led troops to the suspected grave of Okot Odhiambo.

Odhiambo was accused of commanding an attack on a camp for displaced people in northern Uganda in February 2004, killing about 300 people in one of the largest massacres blamed on the LRA.

Odhiambo, who was presumed to have been killed in clashes in 2013, was indicted by the ICC in 2005 on 10 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Ugandan is awaiting the result of DNA test being conducted by the US forces to check whether the remains were those of Mr Odhiambo.

If the identity is confirmed, LRA leader Joseph Kony will be only wanted person remaining at large from the ICC’s wanted list of suspected Ugandan war criminals.


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