Knife-Wielding Activist Attacks U.S Ambassador To South Korea



Security personnel detain an unidentified assailant who attacked the U.S. ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert at a public forum, in central Seoul

The suspect being wrestled to the ground by security agents












THE U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, has been hospitalized after a knife-wielding man attacked him in broad daylight at a breakfast meeting Thursday morning in Seoul.

The attacker slashed Lippert on the right cheek and left wrist, after someone yelled ‘North Korea and South Korea should be unified’ and ‘No to war training! according to reports in the Korean media.

Just before the ambassador was about to give a speech, a ‘’pro-North Korea activist’’ name Kim Ki-jong reportedly pushed Lippert from behind onto a table and started slashing him with a 10-inch knife, police confirmed.

The 55-year-old was arrested immediately after the attack, and video shows the suspect in a salmon colored jacket being wrestled to the ground.

A statement by the State Department said the injuries were non-life-threatening and Lippert was in stable condition after undergoing surgery at a nearby hospital.

Police say the man was a member of the pro-Korean reunification group that organized the breakfast meeting on Thursday.

Kim reportedly voiced opposition to the annual joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises which started Monday.

The attack comes just days after North Korea fired missiles into the Sea of Japan in response to the drills.

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