CORRUPTION: Liberian Ebola Victims Are Concerned They Will Never Get Int. Aid









LIBERIA’s reputation for corruption may hinder international aid from pouring in to help the country recover from Ebola.

Liberia’s reputation for graft has international donors and many Liberians concerned financial supports may end up in the pockets of corrupt public office holders.

The international community has pledged nearly $5 billion to help West Africa fight and recover from the Ebola outbreak. But systemic fraud and mismanagement in Liberia has donors concerned the people who need the money most won’t see it.

Liberia Deputy Information Minister Isaac Jackson said his government has taken these concerns into account and the international community should be reassured.

“We’ve been able to put in place some of the best measures in accounting for the Ebola money,” said Jackson.

“As we speak, the minister of finance and development planning, the Honorable Amara Konneh, has challenged all ministries and agencies that received Ebola money to carry out proper accountability, meaning they will have to account for Ebola money.”

Many Liberians, however, remain skeptical. The country is notorious for corruption, which keeps almost every part of society in its grip. Even President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s own family has been tainted by graft allegations.

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