Immigrants Shops Looted In South Africa


… As Nigerians, Congolese Vow to Defend Selves










SHOPS owned by foreigners in Johannesburg were attacked and looted as xenophobic attacks continued in South Africa on Friday.

Police formed a barrier between an angry crowd and foreign-owned shops and

made several arrests as anti-immigrant violence spreads to parts of Johannesburg’s commercial heart.

The latest in the series started in the early hours of Friday morning, during which there were street fights with people burning cars and burgled foreign-owned shops.

There are about 200 people on each side and they are refusing to disperse. The situation is tense, but appears to be contained to this part of Jeppestown only. Jeppestown has a high concentration of foreign nationals from various countries.

In Gauteng province, of which Johannesburg is the capital city, police arrested 18 people after overnight street battles, Major-General Phumzo Gela, deputy police commissioner, said on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Nigerian and Congolese nationals have vowed not to be intimidated by the anti immigrants rioters.

Citizens of the two countries have resolved to come-together to defend themselves from their South African attackers.

They say that they will not disperse and the government needs to do more to resolve the situation.

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