Kenya Blames Terror Attacks On Somali Refugee Camp










THE Kenyan government has attributed recent terror attacks in the country to the presence of Somali refugees at the sprawling Dadaab camps, a claim denied by the refugees.

Kenyan officials and security authorities have called for the Dadaab refugee camps in the country’s north to be closed and its population sent back to liberated areas under the control of African Union forces and the Somali government.

Kenyan leaders have insisted Somalia’s Islamist militant group, al-Shabab, uses refugee camps to train and plan attacks in the country.

Mohamed Olow Odowa, a security chairman at Ifo camp, one of the five camps in Dadaab, denied the charge, calling it an insult to the Kenyan government and its security apparatus.

Odowa, who is also the spokesman for the security committee of the Dadaab camps, noted that like any other town in the country, bad and good people visit the camps and the government must weed out the criminals.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is under pressure to do something about the worsening security situation.

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