‘’Stop inventing nonsense, I’m Not One of Cosby’s Victims’’ TV Host Vergara












COLOMBIAN-AMERICAN television host, Sofia Vergara has fired back at a radio station that suggested it was ‘rumored’ that the Modern Family star was one of Bill Cosby’s victims.

The radio show, En Candela, claimed after a cringe-worthy video surfaced of Cosby interviewing Vergara on The Late Show more than a decade ago.

‘‘A video of an interview of Bill Cosby and a young Sofia Vergara came out. It’s rumored if she could’ve been one of his victims,’’ En Candela tweeted out in Spanish.

The actress shot down claims, Tweeting in Spanish to her followers the same day: ‘’Respect people. Stop inventing nonsense.’’

The video resurfaced on YouTube after Cosby, 78, was accused of sexually assaulting more than 50 women.

In the 2003 interview, Vergara speaks with Cosby, who was guest hosting for David Letterman, about her then-upcoming film Chasing Papi.

The interaction between the two is cringe-worthy at points, as Cosby at one point tells Vergara that she makes him feel ‘’excited.’’

‘’Men look at you, and they think only of sin,” the comedian said in the video. “What you have on tonight is wonderful. This is just wonderful. When you walked out, many people became attentive.”

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