After Ebola, Seaweed Threatens Sierra Leone Beaches











JUST bouncing back from the worst Ebola outbreak in history, Sierra Leone is now facing other pressing issues, including excessive seaweed on its pristine beaches.

Large amounts of seaweed have been washing up on the beaches of Sierra Leone and other countries in West Africa and scientists say climate change may be blamed for it.

Local environmental protection authorities plan to bring it up at the U.N.’s climate change summit in Paris on Monday.

The problem has been apparent for the past several years during the country’s rainy season, which can last about six months.

Edward Bendu, the acting chief environment officer for the Ministry of Lands and the Environment, hopes some solutions may come from the Paris summit.

“And so seaweed, having erupted, emerged massively, along the west coast of West Africa should be a topic that should be discussed in one of those sessions,” he said.

This phenomenon has also been happening in the Caribbean.

“We realize it’s something that could cripple the entire tourism industry, especially the beach tourism industry, we see we need to work on it,” said Yassin Kargbo, General Manager of Sierra Leone National Tourist Board.

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