All Hands on Deck as Arsenal Targets The Top






ARSENAL can keep up with the front-runners on Sunday, but only with outright victory at Norwich.

Manchester City returned to the top of the Premier League table after a convincing 3-1 win over visiting Southampton, while United forced Leicester City to a 1-1 draw on the same day, leaving City and Leicester with 29 points each at the top.

Arsenal blew the opportunity to go top last weekend after a shocking 1-2 defeat at West Bromwich Albiom, but the Gunners again, have the opportunity to redeem themselves and catch up with City with victory on Sunday.

To attain that enviable feet, manager Arsene Wenger has called on all the players in his team to play their part, saying ‘’it’s important’’ for everyone to double up on the pitch.

‘’You want all 11 players to be leaders and to take initiative, communicate and transmit to other players what they see on the pitch. You want them to motivate the other players and be constructive and positive. That’s what it’s about in the leadership action.’’

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