Mizzou Unrest Spreads to Other Campuses








CAMPUS unrest has spread beyond the University of Missouri, where a new interim president was named after two officials resigned earlier this week over their alleged insensitivity to racial issues.

From callousness about hair differences to fears about safety on campus, students across the U.S. are expressing their deepest feelings about what it means to be black on campus at the hashtag #blackoncampus.

Hurt and outrage are trending on Twitter as tens of thousands of black and other minority students tweet their personal experiences with racism on U.S. college campuses.

“Telling the administration about racism, and them telling YOU to solve it. Like you work there. Like you ain’t a student,” writes one.

“In the five years I attended Mizzou (University of Missouri), living on and off campus, I never felt safe,” said another.

Other tweets noted the small percentage of black students relative to the student body, or detected hypocrisy, “when white students complain about affirmative action and minority scholarships, but don’t complain about ‘legacy’ admissions.”

#blackoncampus was created Wednesday afternoon by Mizzou’s Concerned Student 1950 organization and quickly went national. By Thursday morning, the New York Times reported at least 65,000 tweets with that hashtag had been sent.

Together, the tweets send a searing and largely unheard message that reached at least one presidential candidate. “I am listening,” tweeted Senator Bernie Sanders. “It’s time to address structural racism on college campuses.”

But Republican candidate Donald Trump was disparaging on Fox News Thursday. “Their demands are like crazy.”

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