Obasanjo Berates African Leaders Over Libyan Slave Trade







NIGERIA’S former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has strongly condemned the trading on Africans in Libya, calling on those in positions of authority to introspect on how their actions and inactions made citizens susceptible to be traded upon.


Speaking at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Comptroller General of Immigration held at the MITROS Residences in Abeokuta on Thursday, he described the resurgence of slave trade in the 21st century as worrisome.

The former president, who said the current incident should provoke a sober reflection for African leaders, explained that the leaders must feel a sense of regret on what they ought to do, what they had done and what they had not done.

“I believe that slave trade in the 21st century should be condemned in the strongest language possible and nobody who is involved in it should be excused.

“What can we do and what must we do? We must ensure that conducive atmosphere is created for genuine exchange of goods and ensure development within our country, sub-region, continent and the world which we live.

“But then today, migration has a very nasty connotation particularly when you watch the television and you hear the story of thousands of our youths daring to go through the desert.

“Then after they have embark on such perilous journeys, some of them are sold as slaves. Slaves in the 21st century, Africans being sold by Africans and maybe to Africans.

“All of us as leaders must feel a sense of regret and have sober reflection on what we have done or what we have not done to bring this about to our own people,” he said.

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