Nigerians Among Six Gold Scammers Arrested in Ghana for Duping US Company $10m







SIX suspected Gold scammers have been arrested in Ghana for defrauding a US-based company of 10 million dollars.


The scammers, eleven in number, some of them, Nigerians, fraudulently collected the amount from the company with a promise to supply it with gold bars have been arrested.

They are being charged with 18 counts of defrauding by false pretenses and breach of Ghana’s Electronic Transactions Act 2008 (Act 772).

The arrested suspects are Maxwell Peter, Babatunde Martins, Bernard Emurhowhoariogho Okorhi, Dana Brady, James Dean, Javier Luis and Ramos Alonso.

Ghana police are still searching for the remaining five suspects. They are: Sumaila Hardy, Victor Daniel Fortune Okorhi, Dennis Noah, Olufolajimi Abegunde, Ayodeji Olumde Ojo.

Prosecutors told the District Court in Accra Tuesday, that the suspects from 2007 to 2016 presented themselves as gold dealers and succeeded in getting the US-based company to release a whopping $10Million to supply it with gold.

The gold scammers created a bogus email usually containing either an attachment or a link to a malicious website which was linked to the said real estate company and infected the company’s entire computer network and harvested information including company files, credentials and gave the accused persons access to sensitive information which aided them to dupe the company.




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