Petersburg Blast Was an Act of Terror – Putin











RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin says an explosion that tore through a St. Petersburg supermarket, wounding 13 people, was an act of terror.


Putin ordered the nation’s security services to “act decisively” and “liquidate bandits on the spot” if armed militants put up resistance.

On Wednesday evening, a homemade bomb placed in a locker at the supermarket in northwestern St. Petersburg, Russia’s second city and Putin’s hometown, exploded.

Footage of the suspected bomber spread on the Internet.

Those wounded in the attack included a 35-year-old pregnant woman.

The explosion occurred at around 18:45 local time as people geared up to celebrate the New Year — the country’s biggest holiday — followed by Russian Orthodox Christmas, which falls on Jan. 7.

Officials said the bomb had power equivalent to 200 grams of TNT.


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