UK Migration Falls by Biggest Amount Ever








FACTS and statistics have shown that Britain’s looming exit from the European Union has triggered a record drop in immigration, with more than three-quarters of the dip due to more EU citizens leaving and fewer arriving.



Although, statisticians said it was too early to say if this represents a long-term trend, net migration fell by 106,000 to an estimated 230,000 between June 2016 and June 2017, according to official data released Thursday.

About 572,000 people immigrated to the United Kingdom and 342,000 emigrated, or left the country, according to the data from the Office for National Statistics – ONS.

The new figures are higher than the under 100,000 people that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government wants to lower net migration to. The new data shows that more people are still arriving in the UK than leaving, the ONS said.

Net migration was down from its June 2016 peak of 336,000, and is now at a similar level to 2014, the ONS added.




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