Members of Rogue Police Unit Guilty of Corruption











TWO members of a rogue Baltimore police unit have been found guilty of corruption charges.


Authorities said on Monday, that the officers found guilty, Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, were convicted by a federal jury of racketeering and robbery, part of a broader conspiracy among members of the police department’s Gun Trace Task force that involved holding up drug dealers, conducting illegal searches, claiming unearned overtime and trying to cover up their crimes.

Six other officers, including two who testified against Hersl and Taylor, have already pleaded guilty.

None of the officers remain on the force, as the police department fired Hersl and Taylor immediately after Monday’s verdicts.

The trial featured witnesses testifying that officers peddled garbage bags full of drugs purportedly looted during the city’s 2015 riots, sold seized drugs and guns, committed armed home invasions, and were told to carry BB guns to plant on suspects.

Some of the crimes and cover-ups were captured in secretly recorded conversations, portions of which have been played at the trial.

Last week, one of the disgraced officers, Momodu Gondo. confirmed the names of several officers who he said stole money with him in 2008 and 2009, including Suiter.


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