Nigeria Missing on Global Talent Competitiveness Index – Mauritius is Africa’s Brightest












NIGERIA and all of her cities are conspicuously missing on the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index – GTCI, an annual study ranking countries and major cities on their ability to, attract, develop and retain talent.


The GTCI was launched in 2013. It provides a wealth of data and analysis that helps decision makers develop talent strategies, overcome talent mismatches and become more competitive in the global marketplace.

Mauritius, ranked 46th by the GTCI was the brightest spot for Sub Saharan Africa, followed by Botswana 62; South Africa 63; Rwanda 76, Namibia 80 and Ghana appeared 90th.

The annual benchmarking report measures and ranks 119 countries and 90 cities based on their ability to grow, attract and retain talent.

Kenya, Gambia, Senegal, Uganda, Lesotho, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mali, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Madagascar were ranked between 88-118.

GTCI report is compiled by INSEAD, international business school with The Adecco Group and Tata Communications, and was made available to the Ghana News Agency.

The GTCI top 10 rankings were Switzerland, Singapore, US, Norway, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.



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