Ghana to Ban Soldiers, Police From Social Media











SECURITY Personnel in Ghana who take to social media platforms to engage in unruly conduct will begin to face punitive measures, authorities in the West African country have said.


Officials are drafting a policy to regulate the growing indiscipline among some personnel in terms of social media use.

The move aims at preventing soldiers, policemen and women, fire service personnel and immigration service officials, among others, from disgracing the image of the various security services.

The Director General – DG, of the Ghana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner of Police – ACP, David Eklu, said the service has disciplinary codes, it has found it needful to put specific emphasis on how personnel get information and share it.

“We have drafted some regulations for responsible use of social media in the police service, so it does not negate our investigations. When validated, it would become a public document in dealing with social media,” the DG explained.

He said the draft had been worked on for the past one year and would be an internal document to regulate the conduct of officers and to maintain high standards, especially in the era of technology.

“We don’t encourage that because it has its own effect and so we have circulars to ensure that our men don’t WhatsApp or use their headphones when on duty.

“We want to do things in a professional manner and social media is instant and easy for people to be carried away if not carefully guided. It could jeopardise our investigations and also abuse the right of victims, suspects and also damage confidentiality of our investigations,” the Assistant Commissioner stated.



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