Mourinho Lambastes Gary Neville Over Criticism of Pogba, Sanchez












JOSE MOURINHO has hit out again at media pundit Gary Neville for his criticism of Manchester United and star players such as Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez.


Mourinho said that Neville’s failure in management make the former Manchester United defender unqualified to offer such views.

Neville has repeatedly criticized the Portuguese, including during United’s dramatic victory at Crystal Palace on Monday, in which they trailed 2-0 before recovering to win 3-2.

“I’ve never seen a Jose Mourinho team as inefficient as this,” said Neville.

“They are always efficient teams, they always do things really calmly, they are usually solid in defense.”

But Mourinho responded with criticism of Neville who had a brief, unhappy spell in charge of Spanish side Valencia.

“Some of the guys with an opinion couldn’t resolve their own problems when they were managers,” Mourinho said on Friday.

“So they are giving opinions like they have solutions for everything but is not like that.”

“But they are in a position where they can give opinions about everything, sometimes I read and listen, sometimes I don’t.



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