Russia Launches Something Worse Than ‘Satan’











RUSSIA has successfully tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile.


The country’s military said Friday, that the launch from Plesetsk in northwestern Russia tested the Sarmat missile’s performance in the initial stage of its flight.

The Defense Ministry said Sarmat is intended to replace the Soviet-designed Voyevoda, the world’s heaviest ICBM that’s known as “Satan” in the West.

Presenting Sarmat, which is referred to by NATO as “Satan 2,” or “Snowflake” and an array of other nuclear weapons earlier this month, President Vladimir Putin said they can’t be intercepted.

The Defense Ministry tweeted out a video of the launch on Friday. Putin said that Sarmat weighs 220 tons and has a higher range than Satan, allowing it to fly over the North or South poles and strike targets anywhere in the world.

He added that Sarmat also carries a bigger number of nuclear warheads, which are more powerful than the ones on Satan. The Russian president also said the new ICBM accelerates faster than its predecessor, making it harder for the enemy to intercept in its most vulnerable phase after the launch. 

He also said Sarmat could carry an array of warheads capable of dodging missile defenses.



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