Cape Verde Opens Investigation After Migrant Boat Sails to Brazil







CAPE VERDE has opened an investigation after 25 African migrants – some of them, Nigerians, were found off the coast of Brazil after reportedly spending five weeks at sea.


On Saturday, local fishermen found the catamaran, flying the Haitian flag, drifting off the Brazilian coastal town of Sao Jose de Ribamar, south of the Amazon river.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Luis Filipe, said Cape Verde would investigate the incident, so that other cases do not occur, because the migrant boat started its journey in the West African archipelago.

There were 25 migrants — all men — on the boat and two Brazilians, reportedly suspected of being people traffickers.

The migrants came from Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal on the other side of the Atlantic, the human rights department for Brazil’s state of Maranhao said in a statement.

They had reportedly spent 35 days afloat but there was no immediate indication of what route they had taken.

Brazilian police will investigate possible crimes committed against the migrants and evaluate their legal situation.



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