All Senate Democrats Now Back Bill to Stop Family Separations







SENATE Democrats are pushing back on President Donald Trump’s false attack that they’re to blame for immigrant children being separated from their parents.


All 49 OF them said Monday that they have now signed on to new legislation that would halt the practice.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia became the 49th Democrat to sign on to the legislation on Monday.

The Senate’s second-ranking Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, said he too opposes the practice and said he plans to re-introduce legislation that would “mitigate the problem of family separation while improving the immigration court process for unaccompanied children and families apprehended at the border.”

President Trump has put the blame for the policy squarely on Democrats, claiming they’re blocking his immigration reform legislation that he says would end family separation.

On Monday, the U.S president tweeted: “It is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder (sic) Security and Crime. Tell them to start thinking about the people devastated by Crime coming from illegal immigration. Change the laws!”

Amid growing criticism of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, Republicans in Congress are also now demanding answers, despite DHS insistence that there is no policy aimed at separating families.

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