Israel Charges Ex Minister Who Lived in Nigeria With Spying for Iran











A former Israeli cabinet minister, once imprisoned for trying to smuggle ecstasy pills, has been charged with spying for Iran, according to security officials in Israel.


Segev, who was a resident in Nigeria, was arrested during a visit to Equatorial Guinea and extradited to in Israel in May on suspicion of “committing offenses of assisting the enemy in war and spying against the state of Israel”, the Shin Bet security agency said on Monday.

The security agency said Segev acted as an agent for Iranian intelligence and relayed information “connected to the energy market and security sites in Israel including buildings and officials in political and security organisations”.

The 62 year-old allegedly put some Israelis involved in the security sector in contact with Iranian intelligence agents, introducing the Iranians as businessmen.

Segev, a physician, was charged in 2004 with trying to smuggle 30,000 ecstasy tablets into Israel from the Netherlands, using a diplomatic passport with a falsified expiry date.


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