Beauty Queen Accused of Hiring Hit Man to Kill Wealthy Husband Goes on Trial












EX beauty queen, Áurea Vázquez Rijos is set to go on trial in Puerto Rico for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill her wealthy husband.

Jurors will decide if Vázquez Rijos had a part in Adam Anhang’s slaying. Tuesday’s trial comes after a lengthy international manhunt for the beauty queen known as “The Black Widow” by local media.

Vázquez is a former Miss Puerto Rico Petite winner, according to a Global News profile about the battle to bring her back to Puerto Rico.

Anhang, 32, a Winnipeg native who made his money in real estate and gaming software, was found beaten and stabbed to death in San Juan in September 2005.

On the night he was killed, Anhang and Vázquez, met to discuss their pending divorce after six months of marriage.

Anhang’s death at first appeared to be the result of a robbery gone wrong.

But prosecutors say Vazquez tricked her husband into meeting up, and had him killed, the BBC reported. Vázquez had signed a prenuptial agreement with Anhang that would have cost her millions if the two divorced.

Anhang’s net worth was estimated to be $24 million.


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