One Dead as Thousands Protest Graft in Haiti








At least one person was killed and dozens injured as thousands of protesters took to the streets in Haiti on Wednesday over a corruption scandal and some marchers called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.


A report by Haiti’s Senate accused former government officials of embezzlement, abuse of authority and forgery involving the Venezuelan Petrocaribe oil loan program during the 2008-16 administrations of former presidents Rene Preval and Michel Martelly.

Moise, in a speech on Wednesday to mark the 1806 death of Haiti’s founder, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, pledged that a trial would be held to get to the bottom of missing Petrocaribe funds.

“Once you have stolen government funds, whether you are part of the government, of the opposition or of the population, you’ll have to face justice,” Moise said in his remarks in the northern town of Marchand Dessalines.

Opposition leaders have said they do not believe a fair trial is possible while Moise remains in power because of his ties to Martelly.


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