Over 1,300 Hondurans Trekking Through Guatemala, Mexico to U.S.








OVER 1,000 people – some of them children and women, Saturday began trekking from Honduras toward the United States on Saturday.


The walk comes days after the United States urged Honduras’ president to halt mass migration.

Organizer Bartolo Fuentes said about 1,300 people joined the “March of the Migrant,” plan to walk from San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras through Guatemala and into Mexico.

They will request refugee status to remain in Mexico or a visa to pass through to the U.S. border.

In April, media attention on a similar group of migrants, dubbed a “caravan,” prompted Donald Trump to press for tougher border security and demand such groups be refused entry. Most in the caravan said they were fleeing death threats, extortion and violence from powerful street gangs.

More than 64 percent of Honduran households live in poverty, and San Pedro Sula has one of the world’s highest murder rates.



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