Woman Kills Herself, Two Children After Husband Fakes His Death













A woman killed herself and her two children after hearing about her husband’s death —not knowing that the man had only faked his demise to get an insurance payout.


The 34-year-old man in China was presumed dead after his vehicle was discovered without the body in a river on Sept. 19.

The the 31-year-old woman, thinking she was a widow, grabbed her two children, ages 3 and 4, and jumped into a pond after posting a suicide note online.

The message said she was “coming to accompany” her husband in the afterlife.

The three bodies were found in a pond near their residence on Oct. 11.

The husband turned himself into Xinhua police Friday and was “detained on charges of insurance fraud and intentional damage to property,” police said in a statement.

He had purchased the insurance plan worth $110,000 in September, but his wife was unaware of the purchase, police said. He allegedly had $14,435 worth of loans at the time of his “death.” In a video posted online, He said he borrowed the money for his daughter’s treatment for epilepsy.

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