Military Rulers Arrest Ousted President’s Brothers in Sudan

NEW military rulers in Sudan have arrested ousted President Omar Al-Bashir’s two brothers for corruption.

The arrest, which was part of a broad sweep against officials and supporters of the former government, was confirmed by officials on Thursday.

Gen. Shams Eddin Kabashi, the spokesman of the military council, was quoted as saying that Abdullah and Abbas Al-Bashir were taken into custody, without providing more details or saying when it happened.

The Sudanese military ousted Omar Al-Bashir last week, after four months of street protests against his 30-year rule marred by conflict, civil war and corruption.

Al-Bashir is also wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court for atrocities committee in the western region of Darfur.

Protesters have demanded that all key figures and ranking officials from the former president’s circle be arrested. A number of Al-Bashir’s close associates and former government officials have already been taken into custody since the military overthrew Al-Bashir last Thursday.

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