US to Arrest 2K Undocumented Immigrants, Starting this Weekend

THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants across the United States of America – USA, are to be arrested as previously announced by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE.

President Donald Trump had said that the operation, which was halted the day before it was set to start, would be re-launched after two weeks. The action was suspended to give Congress time to arrive at a legislative solution on immigration.

Starting Sunday, a minimum of 2, 000 immigrants who have already been listed for deportation, will be targeted by ICE agents.

Trump had tweeted that ICE was preparing to kick off days of raids in at least 10 major cities. He said his administration would begin the raids after a two-week window – after the Independence Day observance.

According to officials, those with criminal histories are the ones being sought. However, if other illegals are located along with a person of interest, they, too, will be arrested as part of that fallout.

Acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli said this week that the raids were “absolutely going to happen,” though he did not give an exact date for when “operational elements will roll out.”

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