Aspiring Artiste Wrongly Shot 9-year-old girl Over Social Media Rivalry

AN aspiring rapper opened fire on the wrong home killing a 9-year-old girl Iin Dallas, instead of the rival artist he intended to shoot.

Tyrese Simmons, the gunman fired shots through the girl’s front door and fled the scene on foot.

Police said Brandoniya Bennett had just gotten her nails done and was preparing for the first day of the school year on Wednesday when she was fatally shot in the head

According to police, .Simmons and his intended target, a fellow aspiring rapper, had exchanged insults on social media ahead of the shooting.

Simmons, 19, surrendered to police on Thursday after a day-long manhunt and was charged with capital murder.

Police did not release the intended target’s name, but they said he lived in the apartment next door to Brandoniya.

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