Delivery man ‘Attacks elderly Woman wWith Mallet, Sets Her on Fire’ – Police

A deliveryman in Florida has been charged with murder for allegedly attacking an elderly woman, who paid for him to install appliances purchased from Best Buy.

Jorge Luis Depre Lachazo allegedly set Evelyn Smith Udell on fire after attacking her with a mallet, according to police.

Udell, who would have turned 76 next week, died after being treated at a local hospital for a brain bleed and severe burns, police said.

Police found her unresponsive on the floor of her laundry room, her clothing “fully engulfed” according to the report, with blunt force trauma and severe burns after another delivery driver partnered with Lachazo called 911.

The second driver, David Gonzalez, told officers he stepped outside to make work calls and heard screams from the house. Gonzalez found Udell on the ground with blood on the floor when he rushed back into the house.

Lachazo allegedly fled the scene with the delivery truck while Gonzalez was on the phone with 911 dispatch.

Report says Police quickly tracked down the truck and found Lachazo sweaty, nervous and shaking.

The suspect later confessed to detectives that he used a wooden mallet to hit Udell on the side of the head.

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