LARGEST PRO-DEMOCRACY PROTEST: 1.7m Hongkongers Take to The Streets

NEARLY two million people in Hong Kong took to the streets on Sunday in the largest demonstration in the ongoing protests in the city.

The peaceful demonstration, which organizers say involved 1.7 million protesters,  follows last week’s violent clashes with the police and chaos at the Hong Kong airport.

Hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers took to the streets Sunday to demand governmental reforms amid military threats from Beijing, the specter of mob violence, and increasing pressure from local police.

Despite heavy rain, threats from Beijing, and weeks of clashes with the police, protesters marched through the streets of Hong Kong for the 11th weekend in a row.

The huge turnout for the demonstrations — which began as an objection to a controversial extradition bill and have since evolved into a broader call for greater political freedoms — suggests that the threat of a military crackdown by the state has not caused the protest movement to lose momentum.

Hong Kong government officials issued a statement Sunday night saying that while the protest was generally peaceful, the demonstrators managed to block a number of thoroughfares on Hong Kong Island, “seriously affecting traffic and causing much inconvenience to the community.”

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