Police Arrest 60 Looters as South Africans Reinforce Anti Foreigners Protests

MORE than 60 people were arrested by South African police on Monday following looting in Johannesburg and protests in the transport industry linked to a wave of anti-foreigner sentiment.

Authorities also arrested at least 41 other people after hundreds of protesters marched through Johannesburg’s Central Business District – CBD, plundering shops and torching cars and buildings.

The unrest started on Sunday when an old building in the CBD caught fire and collapsed, killing at least three people. It then spread two eastern suburbs.

Such violence breaks out sporadically in South Africa, where many nationals blame foreigners for high unemployment, particularly in manual labour.

Human Rights Watch last week reported that dozens of truck drivers in the country had died in attacks against foreigners since March 2018.

The report was released after a recent spate of xenophobic violence fuelled by economic decline and record unemployment.

A South African truck owners’ association quoted by the HRW reported 75 such incidents since March this year, 15 of which were independently confirmed by the watchdog.

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