Thousands Rally in Anti-government Protest in Liberia

THOUSANDS of protesters rallied against a deepening economic crisis in Monrovia, the Liberian capital on Monday.

Liberia’s Council of Patriots, an activist group led by a popular radio host, organized the rally against President George Weah.

Anti-government sentiments have been rising over a deepening economic crisis.

Riot police were deployed as a precaution to assure the safety of those demonstrating.

About 3,000 people rallied outside Monrovia’s Capitol building carrying banners while police diverted traffic from the city center.

Inflation is rampant in the Western African nation, according to the World Bank, and civil servants regularly go unpaid.

President George Weah who took office in January 2018 was under growing pressure over his management of the crisis.

Henry Costa, chairman of the Council of Patriots a youth activist group, had originally arranged the protest for December 30, however it was called off after the government said it would not be able to provide security, and after international observers recommended postponement.

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