Diners Take Off After Chinese Man Walks Into Kenyan Hotel

DINERS at a Kenyan hotel fled after a man of Asian descent, entered into the restaurant and ordered food.

On Tuesday, February 11, K24 TV, was first to report that the diners at the Kamere Estate-based restaurant, popular with foreigners, were scared after the ‘Chinese’ man who ‘looked sickly’ walked into the restaurant, igniting fears of the coronavirus outbreak originating from the Asian country.

According to the witness, residents in the area have been living in fear since the virus outbreak was announced.

Health officers arrived at the hotel only to find out that the Asian man had also walked away, and the management had not acquired his details.

In Suswa, Narok County, residents urged the Ministry of Health officials to investigate Chinese nationals they alleged appeared sickly.

A resident in the claimed that the Chinese had secluded them for weeks and no one had details of their whereabouts.

Cases of Chinese nationals being on the wrong have been on the spotlight ever since Kenya’s dalliance with Chinese loans, with the latest case being that of a Chinese national facing assault charges after he was caught on tape whipping a Kenyan.

On February 5, the government, through the Ministry of Health, released a conclusive report over fears that a case of the deadly coronavirus had been diagnosed in Kenya, stating that all reported cases of the disease in the country were found to be negative.

After the outbreak, Kenya Airways announced the suspension of its flights to Guangzhou, China. The airline operates two non-stop flights on the Nairobi-Guangzhou route three times weekly.

China Southern Airlines later pulled the plug on all four of its weekly direct flights from Nairobi to two cities in China four days after one of its planes was held at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for about 9 hours.

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