KANU Political Party Attire is ‘Dress Code’ for President Moi’s Burial

THE burial of former Kenyan President, Daniel arap Moi scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, will see the enforcement of a strict set of rules binding to all attendees.

The burial which will be held in Kabarak, Nakuru County is expected to be attended by mourners in the upwards of 30,000 with Kenyans being promised drinks and snacks at the venue. 

George Natembeya, the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, has announced restrictions in advance to prevent any attendees from being barred from accessing the venue as had earlier happened with a man who had cycled 233km from Kakamega.

One of the directives in place ahead of the burial is that only 500 people, most family members would be allowed on the burial site.

Natembeya, in a surprise pronouncement, directed that only the Kenya National Union – KANU, political party attire would be allowed in the venue for the final ceremony at the Kabarak University Grounds.

This he clarified, meant that any other clothing bearing emblems of any other political party would not be allowed at the burial.

Given the status of the funeral, that will see dignitaries from at least 10 countries in attendance, there are bound to be a host of other restrictions to ensure that the ceremony proceeds without a hitch.

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