Lesotho Prime Minister Fails to Show up in Court to Face Murder Charge

LESOTHO’S Prime Minister Thomas Thabane failed to show up in court Friday to face charges of murdering his former wife. Instead, he went for a medical check up in South Africa on the same day.

Lipolelo Thabane was killed outside her home in the capital Maseru just days before the Prime Minister’s inauguration in June 2017.

A statement from his office confirmed that the Prime Minister had traveled to South Africa early Friday morning for “urgent medical attention.”

Thabane was expected to appear in court Friday where police intended to charge him with the murder of his former wife and the attempted murder of her friend.

His office added that he would appear in court once his medical treatment is completed.

The current first lady, Maesaiah Thabane, has already been charged with the former first lady’s murder in a previous court appearance.

After weeks in hiding in South Africa, allegedly helped by a recently appointed spokesman who snuck her away in a government-issue car, Thabane, 42, was also charged with the attempted murder of another woman, who was with the former first lady when she was killed.

Maesaiah Thabane was taken into custody but was swiftly granted bail without the prosecutors having their say’

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