Reps. Want SUVs Due to Poor Road Conditions

A cross section of Nigeria’s lawmakers say they deserve to ride better official cars than the ones they have right now, citing fairness and bad condition of roads in the country as justifications.

In what appeared to be an apparent response to public outcry following plan to spend N5.04bn on exotic cars for members of the National Assembly, the House of Representatives said it was unfair for the public to single out its members for condemnation.

Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu said that it was against the spirit of moral and natural justice to criticize only the lawmakers and leave the Executive and Judiciary free.

“Of all three arms of government, the legislature does not necessarily fare well when it comes to approval ratings. This image problem is not peculiar to Nigeria. There are so few countries in the world where the legislature as an institution enjoys good popularity; including the United States of America, which we often hail as the most ideal democracy,’’ Kalu said.

The lawmaker argued further that the Reps. should be given Sports Utility Vehicle – SUVs as official vehicles, just as the Executive and the Judiciary for oversight functions, considering the state of the roads.

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