CORONAVIRUS: New York City Will Stay Closed Through May – Mayor de Blasio

MAYOR of New York City, Bill de Blasio Friday warned residents to be “ready” to stay closed through May because the coronavirus outbreak is “going to get worse before it gets better.”

New York City currently deals with more than 23,000 confirmed cases.

De Blasio said the City did not have enough supplies to get through this week and next week in our hospitals.

The Mayor said that unfortunately, the crisis is going to grow – through April and into May.

Though, De Blasio said that he didn’t want to give people a false hope and then they get hit with a ton of bricks if it turns out it’s not real.

He reiterated his prediction that more than half of New York City’s residents ultimately will catch the coronavirus.

De Blasio said that 80 percent of the population would only experience cold and flulike symptoms, adding that they would be able to recover in seven to 10 days.

He also said he doesn’t see Easter as a realistic date to allow businesses to start reopening.

And for the time being, de Blasio says New York City is still in dire need of ventilators to treat coronavirus patients.

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