Migrants See France As Racist – British Minister Says

THE British minister in charge of security and immigration told fellow lawmakers that migrants often crossed the channel to make it to Britain out of the belief that France is a “racist country”, media reports said on Sunday.

Home Office minister Priti Patel made the comments after an increase in the number of people travelling from France to Britain, as reported in several of Britain’s newspapers said.

Patel reinforced that the views were those of migrants and not her own.

The French government, however, did not respond to a request for comment.

The Home Office said on Sunday that Patel was worried over the increasing number of boats crossing the Channel. She is earnestly working to come up with a legislation.

Britain and France have agreed to work together to shut down the migrant route after hundreds of people, including some children, moved from makeshift camps in northern France.

Britain had hinted that it would be willing to pay if the two countries could agree upon a shared plan to work together.

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