Constitution Amendment: 36 States Aprove Spilt of Attorney Gen.- Justice Minister



















The Conference of Speakers has approved the split of the office of the Attorney General from the Minister of Justice.

This was made known on Friday in Abuja, when the Conference, headed by Samuel Ikon presented its resolutions on the 57 sections being amended in the 1999 Constitution to the National Assembly.

Ikon, who handed the document over to President of the Senate, David Mark said all the items listed for amendment were scrutinized through in all 36 Houses of Assembly across Nigeria.

The Conference of Speakers’ Chairman, Ikon told Senator Mark that he has kept his promise to do justice and act in line with the wish of the people concerning the Constitution for Alteration Bill 2015.

Ikon said the resolutions have shown the assemblies’ resolve to strengthen and deepen Nigerian democracy.

“We urge that this process should be a continuous one as sections not agreed on today can find relevance in future,” he said.

“let me announce that we have exceeded the requirement for financial autonomy for the state legislatures.

“We have also exceeded the required two-thirds for the strengthening of other institutions sought for, such as splitting of the office of the Attorney-General and that of the Minister of Justice.

“We are hopeful that the outcome would give Nigerians confidence that our future is sure.” Ikon added.

After receiving the document, Mark commended the conference for its members’ commitment in carrying out.

The Senate President re-emphasized that the Senate and House of Assembly never had any hidden agenda concerning the resolution.

“Many Nigerians were of the opinion that we were not going to make any amendment at all in the seventh Senate and in the seventh democratic dispensation.

“But having returned the document, our work has been made easy, regardless of the ones that have not met constitutional requirement for amendment.”

Mark noted that Nigerians, however, must adhere to the provisions of the constitution irrespective of their positions in the society.

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