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Can you feel it? It’s that sense of anticipation… the sense of change, the fresh start that comes with the New Year. 2014 is closing, and what a year it has been! All the challenges and accomplishments of 2014 are in the history books. Here we go!!! 2015, let’s start it off right! Let’s make this the best year ever! The year we see dreams realized and goals met! Let’s make this the year that everything we set ourselves to do and accomplish happens!!!

So… What is it that has to happen to make this year different? What old habits do you have to break? What new habits do you need to start to be better, to make this year the year it happens? I bet, you have set New Year’s Resolutions before. I bet that you have tried to get the new job, launch your business, lose the weight or find your soul mate before. What do you need to do to make 2015 “THE YEAR” for you? Here are a few steps that will change your life and help get you on the path to the best year ever!

Step 1: Be Grateful!

So many times we strive to be more, have more, acquire more and we don’t stop and say “Thank you!” for whatever we have. Even if you are not where you want to be, acknowledge that others have it worse off than you! Somewhere, someone is wishing they were more like you, had what you have, or aspire for your status. Gratitude is the key to a happier and more fulfilled life.




Step 2: Invest in YOU!

Personal Development is a must! You must be intentional about growth! The only way to become better, is to study… “BEING BETTER”. The difference between the highly successful, “RICH” in every area of their life, and always finding success people, and the poor, unfortunate soul that just seems not to be able to catch a break is NOT the lot they were dealt in life. Life happens to everyone!!! The difference is what you DO with the life you are dealt! Spending thirty minutes a day listening to or reading GREAT speakers/authors such as E A Adeboye, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Dr. Mike Freeman, Les Brown, Joel Olsteen irrespective of your social or religious beliefs will stretch you and help you grow as a better person. Thirty, yes! thirty minutes daily is a small price to pay for such a BIG return on investment!

Step 3: BE the person you want to be!

How much better could this world be, if everyone treated others the way they want to be treated? There is an old saying that says, “Faith it until you make it!” Studies show that the brain struggles to determine “real” from “pretense”. Just start ACTING like the person you want to be, and your brain will transform you into that person. This is also known as the Law of Attraction. What you focus on expands! You focus on being successful, kind and generous… Trust me, you will attract success, kindness and generosity.

Let’s go!!! Let’s launch!!! Let’s make this the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES!!!

Let’s be grateful, invest in growing and just BE the person we were created to be!!! Let’s be GREAT on purpose!

2015… The year of REALIZED DREAMS!!!


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