Kelly Weds Christopher / Friday December 12, 2014

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Kelly Weds Christopher  



EVENT:                  Wedding Ceremony

CELEBRANTS:     Kelly Henry & Christopher Petrovich

LOCATION:         Troy, Michigan, USA

VENUE:                Petruzzello’s Banquet Center, Troy, Michigan

DATE:                   December, 12, 2014


Friday December 12, 2014 will forever remain memorable to the Henry and Petrovic families as their daughter Kelly Henry and son, Christopher Petrovic were joined together in holy matrimony.

The colorful event, which took place at the famous Petruzzello’s Banquet Center, Troy, Michigan was witnessed by over a hundred invited guests from across the United States and beyond.

24/7EVENT was present at the occasion and here are pictures of memorable moments at the occasion:




Mr. and Mrs. Petrovich

photo 2-8 copy  IMG_0908










photo 3-10 copy

photo 3  IMG_0927








photo 3-10IMG_0988










photo 1 copy 2

photo 2-8  IMG_1006










photo 5-8IMG_0955










photo 2-10

photo 1-10 copy 2  IMG_0971








photo 4-8IMG_0948


IMG_0786 IMG_0853







photo 4-8 copy  IMG_0933




IMG_1128 IMG_1057IMG_1112






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photo 4-11








photo 3-8

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