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Here we are! Weeks into 2015!!! Are you still excited? Anticipating? Ready to make this year the “Year of Realized Dreams”? Or, have you begun to slip back into the same habits, the same humdrum routine that has sucked the dreams out of you in the past? I get it!!! If we are not about the business of being different… Routine will take its place and lead us right back to “The Same!” So how do we break the mode now that we are back to work, school, our regular routines…?

We MUST be DELIBERATE about CHANGE!!! CHANGE your route to work, CHANGE your morning routine… That thing… This thing… Anything … just CHANGE Something!!! Be DELIBERATE about not being the SAME!!!

Here are some minor changes that can make a big difference:

Are you an “ALARM–SNOOZER”?

Do you dread the morning, hitting the snooze button as many times as possible before you absolutely MUST release your bed? Will you sacrifice breakfast (reportedly the most important meal of the day) for twenty minutes extra in the bed? Instead of hitting snooze in the morning, begging for five more minutes to your self, try getting up excited, grateful and ready to embrace the day. Say out loud “Thank you!!! I made it to another day!!! I have another chance to impact the world, to leave a legacy, to be a blessing!!! By acknowledging your gratefulness, you start the positive energy flowing from the beginning of the day. You take control of the direction of your day! It’s that simple! But, you must say it like you really MEAN it.

















Breakfast, by all accounts is the most important meal of the day! It is indeed the breaking of the fast your body has been on all night. As you sleep, your metabolism slows to allow your body time to rest, and regenerate cells! Breakfast is the fuel to start your day. It wakes the metabolism and helps the body begin to burn energy. Many people skip this meal because “it’s too early to eat”, “I’m not hungry that early”, “I don’t have time” or a host of other reasons. But!!! By having a fruit, grain & protein to jump start your day and add fuel to your body you can gain such wonderful results as WEIGHT LOSS (activate that metabolism), morning energy, and better nutrition!


Take a visit to your doctor, make sure you are healthy and all hormones are balanced. Then… take some vitamins and work out! When you take care of your “vehicle” it will take you further. You wouldn’t drive your car without getting a tune up… treat your body as well as you would your vehicle. If you’re tired, even if you feel that you need to get more done, give yourself permission to sleep. Sleep refreshes the body.


Do you still DREAM? Do you have a plan for HOW to achieve your goals? I am sure you have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Write down your goals. Set a timeline, and an action plan. Find someone to hold you accountable. Share your goals and partner with someone who can ask you about your goals and how the plan is going. Set small tasks that lead to your goal. As you check off the small tasks, reward yourself. Have small celebrations that will encourage you to continue to press on and accomplish your goals. Dreams do come true!!! Take tiny steps toward the big goal.

Small changes can make a BIG impact when it is coupled with hard work and consistency.

2015 is your year!!! Resolve not to give up on your DREAMS.

Have the best year of your life!!! Be encouraged!!! It WILL happen for you!!!




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