Apapa To Regain Lost Glories Under Akinwunmi, As Lagos Moves Tank Farms To Lekki







The famous Apapa port in Lagos, will soon regain it’s glory as the commercial, residential and industrial hub it used to be following plans by the state government to relocate all tank farms at the port.

Lagos State governor, Raji Fashola, who revealed the plan said a world class industrial and petrochemical plant in Lekki has already been arranged.

Speaking at the All Progressives Congress –APC, campaign in Apapa, governor Fashola the relocation would return the glory of the area not only as industrial, but also as a residential area.

He said: “You do not need 3,000 tankers to come to Apapa and move fuel supply to the whole of Nigeria. We will be able to supply the country from the Lagos refinery that we have.’’

“Once the refinery in Lekki is built, we will move all the tank farms out to a world class petrochemical plant that I have designed for you,” the governor said.

He told residents of Apapa to vote for APC governorship candidate in noext month election, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, in order to enjoy continuity of good governance Lagos.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, expressed confidence in Ambode, promising that the former Accountant General of the state will stick to all the plans that he (Fashola) has laid down.

“Ambode will continue with all these plans so that life can return back to Apapa and the entire state.

“Vote for continuity in Lagos, it is too big to gamble with, it is too strategic to Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire world,” Fashola said.

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