Jonathan Accuses APC Of Inciting Nigerians Against His Government















President Goodluck Jonathan has accused the All Progressives Congress –APC, of inciting the Nigerian electorate against his government.

Addressing the crowd at the Ibrahim Babangida Square, Bauchi after dignitaries at his reelection campaign were pelted with stones, Jonathan warned people of the state not allow themselves be used by selfish individuals who want to instigate them against others.

The president said that APC was looking for cheap popularity as he challenged the opposition party to name its achievements at the states level.

He said: “We meant well for Nigeria. Balewa was our great leader that led this country well and he was appreciated from North to South, West to East and he never instigated Nigerians against each other.”

Jonathan promised the crowd that his administration would develop the country, particularly the northern states by educating and empowering youths and women, if he is reelected.

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