Over 15 Million Nigerians Yet To Receive PVC – INEC






Over fifteen million Nigerians are yet to collect their Permanent Voters’ Cards –PVCs, officials have said.

The Independent National Electoral Commission –INEC, revealed Thursday that 15,567,219 out of a total 54,341610 that were printed have not received their PVCs.

A data by the commission shows that 70,383,427 voters were registered.

According to the data, only 53.98 per cent or 2,159,091 voters have received their PVCs in Lagos State for example, leaving behind 1,840,909 eligible voters without the PVCs.

INEC will publish the list of registered voters that are eligible to cast their voters on January 13 .

However, in Jigawa State, the distribution of the voters card was fairly successful based on the data released.

The total of 1,460,620 or 94.12 per cent were distributed of out 1,551,831 PVCs, meaning only 91,211 voters are yet to collect their PVCs.


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