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How balanced is your life? We strive for success and fulfillment, but how often do we assess our lives to see how we are truly doing? What is the MEASURE? How do we BALANCE who we are, what we DO and what we WANT?

I was discussing my GOALS for this year and the process for developing a plan for making my dreams realities with my girlfriends. We talked about the life I want, the dreams I have and the goals I need to set to make it all happen. I want the fulfilled life, the abundant life, the well-rounded life… the DREAM, who doesn’t. But our discussion quickly turned to question of “HOW does one achieve all of that?”

I believe that dreams without goals are just wishes, and GOALS without ACTION steps are just great ideas. I know I needed to put a PLAN in place, and my plan began with personal development (PD). PD is a key to changing and growing to become the person we were created to be; and PD starts with assessing the following aspects of your life:

Faith – Are you at peace spiritually? No matter what race, culture or religion you are, your faith in something bigger than you matters. God created each and every one of us with a purpose and a plan. Growing in Faith and trusting in God is the beginning of life BALANCE. How satisfied are you in your faith? What can you do to grow and develop stronger faith this year?

Action Step: Write down one commitment that you will do to enhance your faith over the next 30 days.

Family – The people we love like crazy… but can also drive us the craziest! We often take for granted the ones we love. Have you made a DEPOSIT into your families “love tank” lately? Do you have the relationship with your family members that you want? Do you have a warm, safe and loving home? Or… are there tension, resentment and bitterness building? Do you know your family members “love language” (Dr. Gary Chapman)? Or… do you assume “They know I love them”. INVEST in your family. How can you show your family you value them? What can you do to make a deposit into the love tank of your family members?

Action Step: Write down one deposit (write a love letter, buy a gift, do a favour, etc.…) you will make into each family member’s life in the next month.

best-local-seoFinances – Are you fiscally responsible? Do you have a BUDGET? A financial plan? Your financial life is a major part of life balance. Money has the potential to RELIEVE or cause STRESS. Do you know where your money goes? Have you thought about SOWING and saving your money? Have you thought about RETIREMENT questions, such as “Will I have enough?” and “How much is enough?”  Do you need to make changes to your budget to be financially responsible? Manage your money so your money won’t manage you.

Action Step: Write out a budget. Track your spending habits for a month.

Fitness – Your body is your TEMPLE! What you feed your body is as important as what you feed your spirit. Exercise and meditation are important for fitness balance of the body and mind.

EXERCISING for just 30-minutes a day has so many positives of the mind-body connection. Some of the wonderful benefits of exercise are: weight loss, increased energy, enhanced mood, combats health conditions, enhances sleep, reduces stress, increases arousal and sex drive, and many more. Whether walking, swimming, running or gym workouts, get your body moving daily. MEDITATION is as good for your mind as exercise is for your body. Twenty minutes of quiet meditation has a medicinal effect on the body. The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven. Meditation increases focus, reduces anxiety, increases creativity, increases memory, increases compassion, and increases brain capacity and activity and many more benefits.

Action Step: Work your body by exercising for 30-minutes at least three times a week. Work your mind by meditating for at least 20 minutes daily.

Food- Like fitness, the food you eat MATTERS! Your body is your temple, so be careful what you put into it. The fuel we put in our car determines the performance of the car. Likewise, the fuel we put in our bodies determine the performance of our body. Our energy level, body functions and overall physical health are determined by the food we feed our body. Begin reading the labels, and if you can’t say it… you shouldn’t eat it. Try to reduce the processed foods you eat. Shop the outside of the grocery store, if it’s on the shelf it’s been preserved. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are healthy ways to fuel your body. Everyone wants a treat every once in a while. Moderation on treats and sweets are the key to staying healthy and properly fueled.

Action plan: Be diet aware. Read labels and monitor the fuel you put into your temple.

Friends – The people we choose to SHARE our lives with. Everyone needs people in their lives, who love, celebrate and encourage them. The people who see our strengths clearer than they see our weaknesses. The people who create a safe space, a community, a village with you. When you are vulnerable, they PROTEC you, weak they STRENGHTEN you and sad they help COMFORT you. TRUE friends can hear your HURTS, comfort you, then challenge you and hold you accountable. Great friends, STIR you up and pull the BEST out of you. Friendship is the SUPPORT we give and receive from those we allow in that circle. When you are most TRANSPARENT, they understand and REGARD you. Everyone needs that safe space. Are you a good friend? Have you fostered relationships where you can be transparent and feel safe? Have you created that safe space for others who REGARD you as friend?

Action Plan: Identify your “Inner Circle”, your “Village”,the group of people in your life where you can be the most vulnerable, safe and encouraged, all while you are stretched, accountable and growing. When you have identified them… Share with them how important they are to you, thank them and return the love.

Fun – “LAUGHTER does the heart good like medicine”, so it must be important to laugh and have fun in life. It has been medically proven that we benefit from smiling, laughing and celebrating. Having fun has health benefits such as reducing stress, lower blood pressure, releases endorphins which can help reduce chronic pain, and can be a great abdominal workout. Having fun is as important to life balance as the rest of the F’s. We need to be as busy LIVING our lives as we are trying to BUILD our lives. It is important to make MEMORIES and live our lives to the fullest. Don’t feel guilty about time away from work or other obligations. Build memories on purpose. No one reaches the end of their lives wishing they had worked more or paid more bills. No one regrets the fun time and memories built with family and friends.

Action Plan: Plan a fun activity for yourself. Share the time with family or friends and make a memory ON PURPOSE. Have fun and make sure you laugh a lot!

shutterstock_33875299Future– Are you ready for tomorrow? What about next week, next month or next year? Are you ready for your future? The future is unfolding everyday. PREPARATION is imperative. What will it take to be ready? Have you thought about your future? A well- balanced life is prepared for now and later. What are your dreams? What do you hope for your future? What PLANS or goals have you set to achieve these goals. We all have a need to IMPROVE our own condition. How can you set yourself up for your tomorrows?

Action plan: Think NOW about your tomorrows! Do you have a plan? Start by writing down your dreams for your future. Set a plan with action steps. Get help if you need it!!! START NOW!!!!

Did you see something you need to WORK ON? The truth about the eight F’s, no one has finished the list. There is something for everyone. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to address all of them. The list is ever evolving. As you fulfill one dream, dream again. When you have accomplished one goal, set another.

The purpose of the 8 F’s is to give you TASKS to building you up to become the best you possibly can. Personal Development is never ending. When you have the RELATIONSHIP with God that you want and your FAITH is strong, it will help you with your friendships and being the safe space your community needs. As you foster those friendships and have FUN together making MEMORIES, BALANCE the food and FITNESS in your life in order to live long into your FUTURE healthy and strong. When you get to your future, make sure you can ENJOY it because you prepared for it, and your FINANCES are strong enough to allow you to continue providing for you FAMILY and the FUN memories you want to continue.

What’s next? Start by picking one or two of the F’s to FOCUS on. Become strong and balanced and continue chipping away at all eight F’s, until you have the life you were dreaming of. The FABULOUS, FANTASTIC FUTURE you always imagined.


Dreams Happen!!!

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